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Product Announcement  projected release date: July 30, 2010

Compu-Sticker Version 4.0 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Franchisee vehicle processing software.  Allows digital collection and verification of dealer inventories.  Processes inventory detail information.  Provides creation of vehicle equipment list window stickers and FTC required buyers guides and stickers.  Prepares data and photos for internet adveritsing.  A major version release of our flagship product.  Some features planned for this release include:

  • Full Windows 7® compatibility

  • Better Vehicle Detail information Storage. System seperates Model and Submodel (Trim Level) data entry making integration with a number of online services more accurate

  • New Client/Server model for entire system allowing very easy migration of your system to a new/alternate computer system

  • Improved data security

  • Enhanced "Click-a-Pick"SM integration

  • 3rd Party Vendor tie-ins allowing expanded functionality

  • Can market Compu-Sticker services to the expanding "Self-Serve" market segment creating new revenue streams

  • Improved account managment allowing more granulated customization of dealership configurations

  • Data Entry support provided for Windows Mobile® based Smartphones and PDAs as well as commercial Data Collection Units

  • Automatic program updates

  • Next generation VIN decoding with the Chrome Automotive Description Service

  • Certification Program and Warranty Rules allowing dealership level configuration of how Warranties for Vehicles are handled

  • Configurable Automatic Form Selection based on Certification Program Rules

  • Configurable Automatic Warranty Selection based on Warranty Rules (new or used vehicles) or Certification Program Rules (certified vehicles)

  • Spanish language Equipment List Stickers and Buyer's Guides - very useful for dealerships wanting to cater more to the growing Hispanic community


Check back for additional details as they are released !
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